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Let Me Game in Peace
Let Me Game in Peace

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Chapter 1354 – I Don’t Want To Eat It idea gorgeous
Naturally, enjoying was additional. The reason was he didn’t dare take Sweetie back in Luoyang. He needed to consider it.
Zhou Wen didn’t turn his top of your head as being the corners of his mouth twitched.. He took out his mobile phone and sent several communications.
Zhou Wen didn’t transform his brain as the sides of his lips twitched.. He needed out his phone and mailed various emails.
“Oh, correct, you happen to be ghost. Just how can a ghost eat sweets? It’s my negligence for not staying inconsiderate. When I pa.s.s by an incense retailer, I’ll shop for you some paper money…” Sweetie was already on the verge of reach out to grab the dessert food list when Zhou Wen retracted it and positioned it on the desk before he started consuming.
Fortunately, Sweetie appeared for instance a gullible lady. It shouldn’t be hard to trick her.
Sweetie was hesitant. She taken care of Yana as a pal, as a result it was improbable that she would swipe her sweets container.
Zhou Wen didn’t change his brain as being the sides of his jaws twitched.. He required out his phone and sent various messages.
Having said that, Sweetie did actually know some thing and quickly retracted her fingers.
Can not feed on despite attempting to, Sweetie sensed she was best off lifeless. All she desired was to make this location quickly and go out without shopping again.
Let Me Game in Peace
Sweetie’s phrase immediately darkened as she stared at Zhou Wen and stated, “Isn’t it a squander to throw away these types of good delicacy?”
“Why not? Certainly. From now on, I’ll follow you carefully. If I find out that you lied in my experience, I’ll get you to h.e.l.l with me,” Sweetie stated, acting all tough.
Sweetie trapped a whiff from the sugary scent and her vision widened. The corners of her lips made slightly moistened.
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“That’s correct. Naturally I won’t eat these things… Of course… I won’t…” As Sweetie spoke, the corners of her eyeballs and oral cavity twitched.
Sweetie put into practice behind Zhou Wen. No matter how fast Zhou Wen was, whether it is instantaneous transmitting or Globe Avoid, he couldn’t shake her off. Every time he made his head, he would see Sweetie standing upright silently behind him much like a ghost.
Sweetie adhered to Zhou Wen much like a haunting ghost. She didn’t say a word and merely observed. Her ideas have been unknown.
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“Wait a second.” Sweetie halted Zhou Wen and went towards him.
Sweetie was unwilling. She handled Yana as a good friend, so that it was not going she would grab her sweet carton.
Zhou Wen experienced stifled, but he could only cease and get Sweetie, “Anything otherwise?”
However, Sweetie seemed to know a thing and quickly retracted her palm.
On the other hand, Sweetie’s vision suddenly lighted up. She hurriedly hit out and s.n.a.t.c.hed the carrier more than. As she transformed around and went to the side, she said, “Let me allow you to. Do not have it randomly. It won’t be good if you grubby the roads.”
“But you are a ghost? How will you adhere to me?” Zhou Wen sensed his go pain. If he really maintained this kind of time bomb by his part, who knew when she would explode?
Of course, taking in was secondary. The biggest reason was that he didn’t dare take Sweetie back in Luoyang. He were required to consider it.
It is not too I want to consume it, but it’s a waste to put it. It will pollute environmental surroundings. I will only push me personally for the better good… Sweetie sure herself. She puffed up her cheeks and little away from a big item, completing her cheeks. She was satisfied she was about to cry.
“That’s appropriate. Not surprisingly I won’t try to eat these things… Of course… I won’t…” As Sweetie spoke, the corners of her vision and mouth area twitched.
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Sweetie was uncertain. She dealt with Yana to be a close friend, as a result it was unlikely she would swipe her sweet pack.
Sweetie actually didn’t are convinced Zhou Wen’s thoughts, but she couldn’t locate any information to demonstrate that Zhou Wen was being untruthful. Consequently, she idea of pursuing Zhou Wen initial. If he was lying, his defects would display in due course.
Sweetie was immediately petrified. When she discovered Zhou Wen swallow the adorable pudding, her center ached so much so it almost bled.
“If there’s hardly anything else, I’ll get my abandon now. I’m still right away to uncover the delicate and delightful Sweetie. I need to return the candies package to the rightful owner,” Zhou Wen stated while he transformed around and eventually left.
Having said that, when she thought about what Zhou Wen experienced accomplished, Sweetie sensed that even if he wasn’t telling lies, he would certainly become gold if he touched her. Consequently, that technique was worthless to check him. Zhou Wen would turn into golden irrespective.
Sweetie observed that Zhou Wen was keeping a box as part of his hand. When she applied her penetrative eye-sight, she noticed which it had been a very lovely mini birthday cake. Though it was only a little item, it was subsequently layered and looked very wonderful. It even released a rich milky aroma.
Zhou Wen noticed stifled, but he could only avoid and inquire Sweetie, “Anything more?”
Chapter 1354: I Do not Want To Eat It
“There’s nothing at all I will do about this. I can’t feed on anymore. If you realise it aggravating and do not prefer to help me, I’ll throw it apart myself personally,” Zhou Wen stated because he retracted his hands.