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Chapter 3175 – Gongsun Wuji power obese
To the contrary, the group of Azure Green Mansion disciples in the starting point searched grim. Quite a few had been kept in the starting point now simply because could not leave their starting point due to Duan Ling Tian.

One of several Azure Eco-friendly Mansion disciples cursed, “d.a.m.n it! How did Duan Ling Tian discover the place of our bottom?”
The Azure Natural green Mansion disciples who arrived late and were actually denied admission to the center whole world of the The southern part of Heaven Ancient Kingdom could only put it off when they stared on the scoreboard intently,
Heng Feng heaved a sigh of alleviation upon viewing this.
“That’s proper. For me, Duan Ling Tian is directed because of the heavens to support Mature Gongsun go up to the peak of your scoreboard!”
“The Azure Earth-friendly Mansion differs from the Fire Glaze Mansion. Duan Ling Tian possessed easily treated the Flame Glaze Mansion’s disciples as he acquired defeated Suntan Yuan, the Fire Glaze Mansions’s most powerful Ten Guidelines Celestial Duke. Having said that, how could Suntan Yuan can compare to Gongsun Wu Ji?”
About a half-hour in the future, she obtained another content from her sisters sharing with her the path into the Azure Natural Mansion’s starting point. She uncovered it was subsequently not definitely not her up-to-date spot.
As soon as the speech dropped, your eye area from the Azure Natural Mansion disciples from the structure lighted up immediately.
“Why aren’t we able to enter in?”
While he swept his view over the masses of people, he noticed a acquainted face. It absolutely was none other than the Martial Conflict Mansion’s Heng Feng.
Among the list of Azure Green Mansion disciples cursed, “d.a.m.n it! How have Duan Ling Tian get the area of our own structure?”
“Junior Sister Qing!” Heng Feng referred to as out as his phrase modified drastically. Though he failed to perceive Wan Qing Qing’s Sound Transmission, he could convey to she prepared to assist Duan Ling Tian based on the try looking in her sight.
Chapter 3175: Gongsun Wuji
“That’s right. Gongsun Wu Ji’s toughness is on par with Ximen Hao Xuan. Although Duan Ling Tian eliminated Ximen Hao Xuan in the past, he couldn’t have done it without Wan Qing Qing’s guide. How can he want to deal with Gongsun Wu Ji without Wan Qing Qing’s support?”
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Right after the sound decreased, the eye area from the Azure Natural Mansion disciples on the foundation lighted up right away.
The same as the fellow members of your Azure Earth-friendly Mansion, the high-ranking authorities have been preserving a watchful eye on the scoreboard at the same time. Every time they received reports of Duan Ling Tian waiting outside their structure, they had informed Gongsun Wu Ji promptly.
At this moment, more and more disciples made an appearance in the Transporting Structure in the Azure Natural Mansion’s starting point. The majority of them obtained come to check out the clearly show.
“Mimic Older person Gongsun Wu Ji? What a joke! Does he think he’s comparable to Older Gongsun Wu Ji? Absurd!”
However, reports of Duan Ling Tian holding out outside of the Azure Natural green Mansion’s basic in the center realm of the Southern Paradise Early Realm possessed also distributed to your other class-six Celestial Mansions.
Just like those out of the other level-six Celestial Mansions, the people out of the Intense Nether Mansion did not truly feel confident about Duan Ling Tian’s potential for earning.
About a quarter-hour later…
Just like those through the other level-six Celestial Mansions, the folks from your Powerful Nether Mansion did not really feel upbeat about Duan Ling Tian’s prospect of receiving.
Exactly like the other members from the Azure Green Mansion, our prime-position representatives were preserving a watchful eye on the scoreboard on top of that. Every time they obtained news of Duan Ling Tian waiting around outside their bottom, they had informed Gongsun Wu Ji quickly.
In the centre whole world of the Southern Heaven Ancient World.
When the tone of voice fell, the eye area of the Azure Natural Mansion disciples from the base lit up up immediately.
“Is he looking to mirror Older Gongsun Wu Ji who anxiously waited away from the Significant Nether Mansion’s starting point in the past?”
One of many Azure Natural Mansion disciples cursed, “d.a.m.n it! How performed Duan Ling Tian find out the area of our own starting point?”
A highly-well informed disciple replied, “I noticed that the Serious Nether Mansion disciple was wiped out as he was near our starting point. That disciple needs to have totally exposed our location!”
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At this point, more and more disciples sprang out from the Shipping Structure inside the Azure Natural Mansion’s base. Most obtained go to view the reveal.
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“Under these circ.u.mstances, n.o.human body, except those in the Serious Nether Mansion, would dare to aid Duan Ling Tian. They are only intending to make an enemy out of your Azure Eco-friendly Mansion if they guide Duan Ling Tian now.”
“Is she in this article to participate factors with Duan Ling Tian?”
Similar to those through the other class-six Celestial Mansions, people through the Unique Nether Mansion did not sense positive about Duan Ling Tian’s chance for winning.
Because of this, Wan Qing Qing stepped backward.
“Let’s expect he foliage before Gongsun Wu Ji arrives. In any other case, the only way they can avoid at that time is to grind his Acc.u.mulative Point Jade!”
“Mimic Senior Gongsun Wu Ji? Just what a joke! Does he believe he’s akin to Mature Gongsun Wu Ji? Absurd!”
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“That’s correct. If she and Duan Ling Tian eradicate Gongsun Wu Ji in almost any other location, independent of the Azure Eco-friendly Mansion’s basic, it’d be good. Having said that, she’ll definitely upset the Azure Environmentally friendly Mansion if she joins pushes with Duan Ling Tian in front of their bottom!”
On the list of Azure Green Mansion disciples cursed, “d.a.m.n it! How have Duan Ling Tian uncover the site of our own structure?”
“Senior Gongsun Wu Ji!”